Available credit for pregnant women.

The loan for pregnant women does not have to be a separate topic at all. Today, many loan seekers apply for their loan directly online, so that no one can see whether the woman who is currently applying for a loan is pregnant. In the self-disclosure form, which every loan applicant must fill in in Read More

Police Officer Credit Interest Rate.

Compare classic models For years, the decision to make a police officer loan was clear from the start. The bank or a specialized online provider applied for a B-tariff loan. Long-term loans with low financing costs came from insurance companies. A wealth-building life insurance secured the loan. Surplus profit shares put the somewhat higher interest Read More

The best mortgages in the market for this year

It seems that the arrival of 2020 brings us increases in the mortgage market. The Euribor has already risen from -0.189% last December to -0.129% with the entry of 2020. This means that if you are thinking of buying a property, mortgage loans will rise in your monthly installment $ 2.68 more than what was Read More

Private loans in Spain – here how to apply for it

Private Loan is specialized in private loans in Spain through private lenders. Private lenders are one of the most direct solutions when we cannot go to a bank to obtain a loan. Private loans in Spain Private loans from Private Loan are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and are signed before the Read More

Smoothing home loan and consumer loan

It is indeed possible to “smooth” a home loan and a consumer loan, with the idea of ​​obtaining only one monthly payment and if possible negotiate the repayment conditions, including in particular the rate. We often see in the context of a home loan with a PTZ a smoothing of credit, that is to say, Read More

Credit in 24 hours – is there such a thing?

Actually, the credit market doesn’t think in short time frames. The repayment, for example, takes many years. But processing a loan application also usually takes a long time. There, the processors at the banks usually talk about working days, but it usually takes two weeks to know whether you are getting a loan or not Read More

Current loans and divorce: what to do?

During a divorce, a thorny question arises, what to do with current credits? How’s it going? Here are all our explanations to let you know what to do with these loans taken out by two.   The principle of solidarity, credits, and divorce Sometimes two spouses decide to separate and initiate divorce proceedings, the procedure Read More