A problematic Great Reset requires a major course correction for a brighter and more successful future for all, warn the authors of TAN Books


The Greater Reset by Michael Greaney and Dawn Brohawn offers a significant course correction to the Great Reset narrative

…every child, woman and man should have the same opportunities and access to the means to preserve their freedoms, to participate fully in society and the economy and to lead a good life.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic roared across countries, decimating lives, economies and social norms. Rather than uniting people to defeat a common enemy, the pandemic has widened economic, political and social divisions everywhere. She pitted faith against reason and fanned the global scourges of poverty, racism, war and environmental destruction. The pandemic has also surfaced proposals to remake the global economy and society. Most notable were a set of recommendations from the 2020 World Economic Forum calling for “the great reset”.

Addressing global issues largely through income redistribution measures such as the Universal Basic Income (UBI) and “stakeholder capitalism,” the Great Reset caused opponents to denounce it as a plan to increase the control of the state and the wealthy elite over the lives of ordinary people.

How can we resolve our worsening crises, while respecting everyone’s dignity? There is a more fundamental path, based on eternal truths and universal principles, according to the authors of a new title called The Greater Reset.

“It’s time to help people make essential ‘course correction’, enabling them to gain a fresh perspective on today’s seemingly overwhelming issues and effectively meet life’s material and spiritual needs.” , says Michael Greaney, co-author and Director of Research at the Interfaith Center for Economic and Social Justice.

“The proposed ‘Economic Democracy Act’ is a holistic and integrated approach,” he added, which can be applied to any economy. “These are fundamental economic reforms and financial innovations that have already been proven to enable people without savings to become economically independent owners of capital, without taking anything away from existing owners. These techniques have worked for more than half a century to free people from dependence on the state and others.

Given the global crisis of public debt and super-concentrated private wealth, co-author Dawn Brohawn adds, “The Greater Reset may be the only realistic hope of establishing an economically and politically just, law-abiding society. natural and Christian social teaching without relying on government inflationary monetary creation, redistribution of wealth or income, violations of basic human rights, or totalitarian control of the economy.

As director of communications at the Interfaith Center for Economic and Social Justice with Greaney, Brohawn warns against further consolidation of the welfare state with redistributive socialism and monopoly capitalism. “It would systematically eliminate a fundamental bulwark of personal independence and freedom – the universal right to private property and the rights thereof.”

The Great Reset raises an important, often overlooked question: how will the dignity, freedom and power of every human person be protected and promoted when universal human rights and their transcendent source have been rendered moot? “Consistent with natural law and God-given rights, every child, woman, and man should have equal opportunity and access to the means to preserve their freedoms, participate fully in society and the economy, and lead a good life”, Greaney and Brohawn affirm.

The Greater Reset: Reclaiming Human Sovereignty Under Natural Law is available from TAN Books at http://www.tanbooks.com.

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