Andhra Pradesh: Department of Transport in trouble over VIP vehicles | Amaravati News

AMARAVATI: The State Department of Transportation has reportedly asked the Department of Finance to pay for vehicle rentals arranged on VIP tours over the past three years.
The department reportedly explained that it was becoming extremely difficult for district officials to pool carrier vehicles for VIP tours due to the delay in paying their dues. The department owed almost ₹17.5 crore to taxi drivers over the past three years.
Sources said senior Transport Department officials brought the matter to Minister Pinipe Viswaroop’s attention at a recent review meeting and urged him to pressure the Finance Department to speed up payments. .
The Department of Transport wanted a separate budget to be allocated to arrange vehicles for VIP visits, including Chief Minister’s visits to districts. The department estimated that it would take at least ₹4.5 crore per year to organize the vehicles. Sources said senior officials told the minister that Ongole’s type of incidents were the result of long-standing dues to operators.
It may be recalled that Transport Department officials forcibly ‘seized’ a vehicle from a family traveling to Tirupati in Ongole a day before Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s visit last month.
The family from Vinukonda, Guntur district, took a short break in Ongole for dinner on the way to Tirumala late at night.
A home guard working as a deputation in the transportation department took the vehicle by force and told the pilgrims to arrange another vehicle as they wanted the vehicle for the CM convoy.
As the incident sparked an outcry, the Chief Minister ordered officials to take action against those involved in the incident. Transport Commissioner Katamaneni Bhaskar, however, said the ministry writing to ask for dues was totally wrong. “There is no truth. It’s totally untrue. We didn’t make any demands about it,” Bhaskar told ‘TOI’.

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