Cambridge University Launches New Free Pre-Graduation Foundation Course


The University of Cambridge has launched a new pre-degree foundation course, with a lower entry requirement in a bid to increase diversity at the world-renowned UK learning institution. The one-year course is full-time residential, and will start from the new academic year in October 2022. The first batch of the course will consist of 52 students.

The university announced on Monday that the new Cambridge Foundation Year is free and fully funded and aims to engage a whole new stream of applicants. “It’s a great day for those receiving their Cambridge Foundation Year offer, and a great day for the University,” said Alex Pryce, Director, Foundation Year Course, Cambridge.

He further added that this is the first time in its history that Cambridge has run a Diploma Preparatory Year programme, aimed at talented candidates who otherwise might not consider applying to study at the university. . Eligibility criteria for the course cover students with a disrupted educational background in the UK as well as refugees or asylum seekers.

Each year the course targets around 50 people who have experienced educational and social disadvantage and demonstrate the potential to succeed in an arts, humanities or social science degree. In total, there were 267 applications for the foundation year pilot program, or about five applications for each place, which is comparable to the number of applications the university normally receives for undergraduate studies at six applications. for each seat.

A donation from philanthropists Christina and Peter Dawson funds the launch of the program and full one-year scholarships for all accepted students. By enrolling in the course, students will study at one of the 13 Cambridge colleges participating in the pilot scheme. Qualifying students will also receive scholarships from the university.

Upon successful completion of the programme, Cambridge Foundation Year students will receive a CertHE qualification from the University of Cambridge and, with appropriate results, may progress to Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences degrees at Cambridge without having to apply back to college. the usual admission round.

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