Chandigarh Finance Department Green Light For Online Auction Of Retirement Home Sites | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: The UT finance department has authorized the UT real estate office for the online auction of six retirement home sites. Recently, UT’s real estate agency wrote to UT’s finance department to authorize the online auction of these sites and to clarify the terms and conditions of these sites.
A senior official in UT’s finance department said that now that they had given their permission, the electronic auction process would be finalized by UT’s real estate office.
Sources from UT’s real estate office said the reserve price for those sites would be finalized according to the collector’s rates. The goal is to complete the process within a month, they added.
Recently, UT’s engineering department, MC Chandigarh and BSNL issued a Certificate of Non-Registry (NEC) to the real estate office, ensuring that these sites were completely free of encroachment so that UT could sell them to auction. Subsequently, the real estate office wrote to the finance department of UT to authorize the online auction of these sites and to clarify the terms and conditions.
According to Chandigarh administration records, these nursing home sites are located in prime locations in the southern sectors of Chandigarh. Since these areas do not have nursing home facilities, the nine nursing home sites will provide major benefits to area residents.
Of these six sites, two are each in sectors 33-C, 46 and 51. These sites have been vacant for over a decade. According to records, UT has booked 16 nursing sites across town, of which only seven have been auctioned and the other nine have not been auctioned to date. UT has authorized the auctioning of six sites.
Sites vacant for years
Although dedicated nursing sites are still vacant after many years, the Chandigarh administration recently issued a draft nursing home policy decree, allowing the conversion of residential sites into nursing homes. A few major hospital sites in Manimajra and IT Park are also vacant.
The CHB provides for a PPP mode for the IT equipment of the hospital site
The Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) recently wrote to UT’s deputy commissioner office to seek clarification on the latest collection rates for a hospital site at Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (IT Park). According to the information, the council wishes to clarify the tariffs.
Accordingly, he will proceed to use the land for the hospital. The board is studying the public-private partnership (PPP) model of different states and union territories (UTs) for the successful auction of the 8.23-acre site for a hospital in a computer park. The site was auctioned with a reserve price of Rs 344 crore in September 2017. Despite the extensions, there has been no response from bidders.

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