Controversial plans for 100 caravans at Eden golf course approved despite ‘mini village’ concerns


PLANS to build 100 caravans at Eden Golf Course were approved by planning advisers this week over fears it will essentially be a new village.

An application for planning permission submitted by Eden Golf Course was approved by the Carlisle City Council planning committee on Friday despite public dissent and a bid to postpone it.

The app is the subject of controversy, Stanwix Rural Parish Council has raised a number of questions including whether the units are really caravans or lodges.

They believe the scale of the development poses a number of problems as there is no public transport or trails between Low Crosby and the golf club.

But the city council’s development officer, Christopher Hardman, recommended approval of the plans with conditions.

He said: “They are mobile units and it is for the change of land use to put them on the pitch.

“So I am taking into account the issue of confusion with the parish council and the clarification that is needed because as part of the caravan site permit requirements they are very specific about what constitutes a caravan.”

PLANNING: The panel approved the plans after an unsuccessful offer to postpone them to a future meeting

Stanwix Rural Parish Council President Craig Nicholson said: “Members will remember that the site is very high and the views from it are quite scenic.

“Anything placed on this ridge will be visible from a great distance for a long time. The actual area of ​​the site is about the same size as the whole of the village of Low Crosby. It is not a small site, it It’s a very big area.”

Cllr Nicholson disagreed that the units could be considered caravans.

“They must be mobile as a complete unit.”

The municipal councilors shared the concerns of the parish council.

Independent adviser Raymond Tinnion said: “I think we should postpone this until we have some information.

“I’m not happy with the size of the proposal, the sewage, I don’t understand where the sewer is going to go.

“You are talking about a mini village that is not really on the local level, it is in a farmer’s field. I have access problems for the 100 hundred vehicles at least that will enter it. ”

Tory Councilor Nigel Christian said: “In terms of surface water run-off, I appreciate the details being agreed at a later date, but in terms of planning we seem to be relying on a very light statement or drawings. detail. ”

Cllr Tinnion’s proposal to defer the application for review to a later date did not receive enough support, so councilors voted on whether to greenlight the plans.

And the city council approved the plans, nine for, two against and one abstention.

Developer Agent Rachel Lightfoot said: “This app has been discussed with officers for several years to support the continued financial viability of the golf club which is considered an important community facility for many of its members.

“As has been made clear on several occasions, all units will be caravans. Given the location, it is deemed appropriate that they be clad in timber, but this has no impact on the definition of caravan .

“The request was made in an acceptable and appropriate manner.”


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