Creighton’s Cutting-Edge FinTech Program Combines Finance, Technology, and Data-Driven Strategy | Sponsored by Creighton University


Dr Lee Dunham

Dunham didn’t have a roadmap to follow when he decided to create the FinTech major. So the teacher did his homework. He has attended several FinTech conferences and met with several companies, both in Omaha and New York, to determine the specific skills Creighton graduates would need to stay competitive in the changing financial industry.

He also consulted with other financial professors and practitioners, in addition to business intelligence and analysis (BIA) professors, to determine the best course selection. After many iterations, the faculty determined that the new major would include five finance courses and five technology courses (BIA), all closely related to technologies used by companies in the financial services industry.

Currently, Dunham is working with employers to channel students towards internship opportunities specifically geared towards FinTech. The Startup Collaborative, with a partnership with the Heider College of Business, has a new FinTech Fellows program in collaboration with First National Bank of Omaha.

Major in FinTech will not only make students more competitive in the job market, but it will also “provide them with an in-depth understanding of how these technologies are disrupting traditional financial institutions and how these institutions are starting to respond,” explains Dunham.


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