Danbury schools hire two new heads of finance department


DANBURY – The school district has hired two new staff to lead its finance department.

John Spano is the new CFO, replacing Courtney LeBorious, who moved to another district over the summer. Eduardo Miranda will become Deputy Director of Finance, succeeding the Deputy Director of Finance who has also left Danbury.

“It’s an honor to be here,” Spano said after announcing his appointment to the school board on Wednesday night. “I am very excited to start. “

Superintendent Kevin Walston called the new hires “capable” and “talented.”

“They’re both going to be a perfect fit for our team and our school community,” he said.

Spano has served as financial director and deputy director for other “high performance” school districts, Walston said. He worked in school and municipal finance.

“We have someone who will help us navigate the budgeting process when the time comes,” he said.

School officials have said they want to work more with the city on the budget, which Danbury City Council has historically withdrawn from the Education Council’s proposal.

Miranda was Associate Dean of Operations at Capital Community College. He has a master’s degree in finance and “a solid background” in finance and operations, said Walston.

He said the district had changed the job title from “assistant” to “deputy” to make it more “attractive”.

“We have been encouraged by the talents of Mr. Miranda,” said Walston. “We couldn’t let him go.


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