DSEU collaborates with Delhi Department of Prisons to improve inmate skills


Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Delhi Department of Prisons for training and skills enhancement of inmates to support their long-term rehabilitation. As part of the agreement, the DSEU will offer different skills-based courses at Tihar prison and issue certificates upon completion of the program to inmates that will help them find jobs after release, prison officials said. jail.

“This professional training would allow prisoners after their release to have the opportunity to respectfully integrate into society,” said a senior prison official. According to officials, for this, the DSEU would deploy trainers to deliver skills-based courses to identified groups within the prison premises.

A detailed assessment of existing skills and market requirements will be conducted before the launch of the courses, which will be tailored to prisoners, officials said.

“This program will help us add various skills courses for inmates in our prisons, which will help them earn a living after release. This will give inmates a better opportunity to lead a dignified life,” said Sandeep Goel, Director General (Prisons).

As part of this collaboration, the university will also organize joint workshops, seminars and conferences with leading experts for innovation in delivering skills programs in such a unique setting, he said. .

With entries from PTI.

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