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The City of Glasgow College, together with Borders College and Edinburgh College, is piloting a new course on e-commerce and business.

The six-week course focuses on preparing unemployed graduates, recently laid-off workers or adult learners to work in the rapidly changing world of e-commerce. It will be co-led by professionals, ensuring an immediate connection between students and industry – providing more context to the lessons.

Fast Track into Ecommerce & Business was created in partnership between colleges, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and employers in the e-commerce sector.

Gus Grubb, Dean of Education and Humanities at City of Glasgow College, said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Edinburgh and Borders Colleges, as well as SDS, to deliver this new course which is the first of its kind in Scotland.

“Additional growth is expected in the e-commerce sector over the next decade. Employers will become dependent on a pool of emerging talent to help them fill existing and future roles, such as content development, content writers, business analysts, customer services and digital skills.

The growth of the industry and increasing digitization means that the e-commerce sector must create a competitive advantage that attracts, retains and develops more and diverse talent in the sector. According to LinkedIn research, the number of candidates being hired for e-commerce related roles in the UK has increased by 143%, which is expected to continue to rise.

Jane Grant, Executive Director for Enterprise and Business Innovation at Borders College, said:

“The inexorable expansion of e-commerce has required an urgent response to fill the skills gap for businesses operating in this area. Borders College is very pleased to be part of this pilot program so that we can provide the training needed to meet this asks, and looks forward to future deployment.”

Head of Digital Technology and Financial Services at SDS, Phil Ford, added:

“We applaud the excellent work done by the colleges to pass this bill. Although this is a pilot project at this stage, based on initial feedback on the course content from the experts involved – and the fact that e-commerce is so important to the Scottish economy – I cannot to see this indispensable course going from strength to strength.

Lynn Loudon, Head of School, Edinburgh College, said:

This is a fantastic opportunity for cross-university collaboration, not only with our colleagues, but also with industry experts, to develop and deliver an exciting new course on e-commerce. With the growing demand for developing potential and current employees with the skills and knowledge to work in the many new roles that are becoming available in e-commerce.

The Fast Track to E-commerce is an interactive, fully online program. Along with notes, remote collaboration tools, self-study suggestions, one-on-one opportunities, and group sessions with experienced tutors and industry experts, candidates should be fully equipped for a classroom experience. Virtual.

The course will run four days a week, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., for six weeks. Upon completion, entrants will receive the Fast Track to E-commerce award jointly accredited by Skills Development Scotland, City of Glasgow College, Edinburgh College and Borders College.

Candidates can apply for a scholarship covering all the costs of this course without having to reimburse.

Visit for details.

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