Future of Sand Piper Golf Course undecided as owner seeks community input


A potential plan to redevelopment the Sand Piper Golf Course by building more homes is causing a stir among residents of downtown Sun who either want more walking paths and green space or keep it intact.

It was a packed house Wednesday at Sun’s Downtown Community Hall where residents one by one chimed in on potential plans for the redevelopment of the Sand Piper Golf Course.

“Leave it as it is. There’s no reason for us to build more here,” said Sun City Center resident Marlis Kuykendall.

Residents tell FOX 13 the course is old and not cost-effective to fix. Club Link, the owner of the land, is considering selling, but would first like to hear residents’ views on potential development plans.

One option is to build more houses, which many residents oppose.

“It’s going to create a problem because of all the traffic. The traffic is bad enough on 674 as it is if we want to get more houses built here. It’s going to be so congested. It’s amazing,” Kuykendall said.

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Kuykendall moved into the development in March 2020. She says she would never have bought had she known there would be a chance her beautiful view of the golf course would be obstructed.

“I’m glad Club Link came to explain what they think and what they would like to accomplish. They gave a lot of ifs and ands. Nothing is set in stone,” Sun City Center said. said resident Larry Smith.

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The land has not yet been sold and Club Link is still in the feedback phase. Although there was talk of building new houses, there was also talk of developing the land into walking paths and green spaces.

“Some people think we’re already at full capacity and would like to stop all construction and they pretty much express that they don’t want to see anything, but we have a number of people in our community who would like to see put-put golf courses “Smith said.

Development plans have yet to be finalized. Wednesday’s meeting was the first of many to come. The golf course is expected to close no later than 2024.


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