Hard drives stolen in burglary at DOL regional office in Washington


Hard drives, laptops, cell phones, office equipment, door key cards, gas cards and other items were stolen in a recent robbery at the regional office of the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries in Tukwila.

The Tukwila Police Department is investigating the burglary.

The hard drives allegedly contain L&I files which may have contained personally identifiable information about individuals who had business dealings with that specific regional office and personal information about certain L&I employees and their dependents. Information may include social security or other identifying numbers, financial or payment account numbers, email addresses and/or passwords for online accounts, dates of birth and , in limited circumstances, medical or health insurance information, depending on the department.

L&I said there was no indication that the stolen hard drives or the information they contained had been used in any way, and that the data is inaccessible without “considerable effort and technical knowledge”. , but the agency is taking several precautionary measures.

L&I notified the state attorney general’s office. L&I has also activated a call center to answer questions and provide resources to those who may be involved. The agency also offers free credit monitoring to those who:

  • Have filed a complaint, question or other form with the L&I Tukwila office;
  • Have been involved as a witness or subject of a matter with the office of L&I Tukwila;
  • Have been involved as an employer or employee in a claim made at the office of L&I Tukwila;
  • Are or have recently been an employee or dependent of an employee based or whose supervisor is based in the office of L&I Tukwila; or
  • I had other business with the L&I Tukwila office.

The call center phone number is (833) 940-2302.

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