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Ayman Sadiq, Founder of 10 Minute School (left), Professor Dr Yousuf Abdullah, Chairman of Northern Education Group (middle), and Dr Dipu Moni, Honorable Minister of Education, (right) during the 5th University of North Bangladesh Annual Convocation


Ayman Sadiq Prof.  Dr. Yousuf Abdullah and Dr. Dipu Moni

Ayman Sadiq, Founder of 10 Minute School (left), Professor Dr Yousuf Abdullah, Chairman of Northern Education Group (middle), and Dr Dipu Moni, Honorable Minister of Education, (right) during the 5th University of North Bangladesh Annual Convocation

Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) has established itself as one of the leading educational institutions in Bangladesh since its founding in 2002. Over the past 10 years, our institution has rapidly become a vital part of the education sector in the Bangladesh. NUB offers diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various disciplines to its students. NUB has a spacious and open permanent campus in the heart of Ashkona, within walking distance of the airport. Among the many departments at NUB, our Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the most innovative and successful CSE departments in the country.

Department in brief

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has approximately 2,000 students and 6,000 alumni. NUB CSE students can use the general education courses offered here to focus on expanding their overall understanding of the world and the industries in which they intend to work. Students can also transfer their credits to pursue international exchange programs in other countries. NUB CSE offers state-of-the-art educational facilities, modern teaching methods and smart classrooms for student comfort. The total tuition fee for the undergraduate program based on 4 years or 12 terms is around 5.5 Lakh Taka. In addition to offering special scholarships to students based on merit, members of tribal communities, wards of freedom fighters, and students whose siblings are studying at our institution, NUB guarantees its students the opportunity to pay their education, with up to 100% tuition waivers. Students will also be able to take out a Student Service Loan (SSL) with our partner bank, Bank Asia, to help them finance their studies.

Student facilities

NUB is dedicated to a high standard of care for its students and faculties. In order to enable students to develop as professionals, our department offers inspiring and interesting extracurricular activities in which our students can participate. The department has an IT club, which plays an active role in organizing various events. NUB offers different specialized laboratories for CSE students to develop practical skills for the professional world. NUB offers a software lab for software engineering and graphic design, a network lab for simulation software and CCNA training, a fundamental lab for programming language courses, an internet lab with high-speed internet browsing, a computer lab 3D printing, a robotics lab and an AI & digital image processing lab.

faculty strength

The faculty members of the CSE department have extensive experience in university teaching in a variety of settings and are highly skilled in their fields. Our faculty members are also acutely aware of the practical industry requirements for CSE graduates, as our institution has strong industry relationships with several local and international corporate institutions. They receive quality professional training and go on trips abroad to increase their international influence.


There has been a sharp increase in the number of students enrolled at NUB over the past two years, as semesters have seen a large influx of students wishing to continue their studies at NUB. A record 95% of our graduates are able to secure employment within 6 months, demonstrating a high employability rate of our graduates. Some of our students have found employment with Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Over the past 5 years, our institution has won more than 25 different awards. Among our recent achievements, Mahbub Sajon won the UCB Public Parliamentary Debate Competition in 2021. Saddam Hosen, the General Secretary of the NUB Computing Club, won the bdapps Campus Hero Challenge. NUB CSE student Nadia Akhter received the Campus Ambassador Award for outstanding achievement at Unibator.

industrial relations

The world of IT offers professional opportunities in a multitude of fields, including financial technology, database management, quantitative modeling and working for the United Nations and the Ministry of ICT. NUB’s Career Guidance Department hosts career fairs each semester to allow students to interact with various companies and organizations operating across multiple industries. Our institution has professional contracts with several industry-leading companies, and many of their renowned chefs come to our institution as guest speakers and knowledge partners.

The future

Prof. Md. Raihan-Ul-Masood, the Honorable Chairman of the CSE Department, welcomes all students to the NUB CSE community. NUB aspires to be one of the premier educational institutions in Bangladesh with a strong focus on student satisfaction and high standards of care. With the implementation of Digital Bangladesh, NUB is committed to playing an important role in Bangladesh’s transition over the next 10 years.

If you want to join Northern University Bangladesh or learn more about us, please visit our website or come to our permanent campus to join the 360° tour and learn more about your future goals.

III. Quote from an existing student

I feel extremely privileged to be part of this department of NUB. The faculty members and students are very helpful and never hesitate to reach out in times of student need. This environment makes our educational journey fluid and fruitful. – Saddam Hosen.


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