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PESHAWAR: Department of Energy and Power, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ranked first using 98% of funds released in the current fiscal year, followed by roads and industrial sectors which ranked second and third using 92% and 89% utilization respectively.

This was said during a high-level meeting held the other day here with Chief Minister Mahmood Khan in the presidency, official sources said on Sunday.

In addition, Additional Chief Secretary Shahab Ali Shah, administrative secretaries of provincial departments and other relevant officials attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed the progress made on the projects under the current fiscal year’s annual development plan in addition to the threadbare discussion on the initial draft ADP for the next fiscal year.

Overall utilization of released funds remained at 75%, which is 51% higher than development expenditures made in the previous fiscal year.

The development process in different sectors has been gradually improved over the past four years, and dozens of public welfare development projects have been completed and made functional, while the overall service delivery has also improved at several levels in the province, including in newly merged areas. Significant achievements have been made in the road sector of the province since 2018-19 till date as 1175 kilometers of new roads have been constructed while 2639 kilometers of existing roads have been rehabilitated and 49 new bridges have also been constructed .

In the power and power sector, hydel generation which was 120MW in 2018 was increased to 200MW in 2022, while additional revenue of Rs 2 billion was also earned for the province per year.

Similarly, 6491 mosques, 53 basic health units (BHU), 8000 schools and 6650 households were solarized. In the newly merged areas, 7 network stations as well as 200 kilometers of transmission lines, 1,500 feeders, 1,050 kilometers, 11 KV lines and more than 1,000 transformers have been installed.

Drinking water coverage in the province has increased from 61% in 2018 to 80% in 2022. Similarly, significant progress has been made in the province’s health sector and a number of development projects have completed including Peshawar Heart Institute, New OPD Block at KTH, Women & Children Hospital Charsadda and Allied & Surgical Block at LRH. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has become the first province to roll out universal health coverage for all citizens, while 1,315 new beds have been added to the existing hospital bed capacity in the province.

The meeting was informed that since 2018, the province’s development budget has increased from Rs 114 billion in the financial year 2018-19 to Rs 210 billion in 2021-22, adding that a preliminary development budget worth 230 billion rupees has been proposed for the coming financial year, which will be Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s largest annual development plan.

Participants were also briefed on the achievements made in different sectors over the past four years and learned that more than 145,000 meters of flood protection walls, 788,000 meters of irrigation canals and 225 km of oil roads have been been built across the province.

Similarly, 51 small dams, 95 check dams have been constructed, 370 irrigation tube wells have been installed and 48 Micro Hydel projects have been completed. The Sehat Card program has been extended to the entire population of the province and as a result, 977,827 people have used Sehat Card Plus since November 2020 till date.

In the Newly Merged Districts (NMD) health sector, 3 Cat-D hospitals and 42 community health centers have been completed while 10 hospitals in remote areas have been operationalized under public-private partnership.

Similarly, express power lines were provided to five DHQs and one Cat-C hospital in the merged areas, in addition to the provision of medical equipment, including CT scans, to 7 DHQ hospitals and 17 secondary care hospitals. merged districts.

In addition, 1,803 NMD project staff have been regularized. Similarly, various health initiatives have been carried out in the populated districts of the province, including the establishment of regional blood transfusion centers in Swat, Abbottabad and DI Khan, the free treatment of 30,000 cancer patients, the establishment from Saidu College of Dentistry, modernization of SINOR Swat and Women Block at DHQ Mardan. Alongside Fountain House comprising 140 beds had also been completed which is the province’s first mental and psychiatric support hospital.

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