Memrise Launches Women’s Empowerment Course Series


Classes will include key phrases in the app’s most popular languages, designed to help women travel and work this International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

LONDON, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Memrise (, the language-learning platform with 60 million users that teaches the real-world language that locals actually use, today announced the launch of a series of mini-courses including female empowerment phrases in six of its most popular languages.

The lessons – which will be available in French, German, European Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Korean and Japanese – include a set of phrases (such as “I think your comment is inappropriate” or “don’t interrupt” to “I know what am I talking about” and “can you please let her finish speaking?”) that women can use in everyday conversations when speaking another language. meeting or responding to unwanted attention, Memrise has designed these mini-courses to help women translate phrases they may need abroad but are just as difficult to contextualize in other cultures.

Memrise decided to update its courses after surveying nearly 1,000 existing users to find that 62% think it is very or extremely important to understand how to address social and gender differences when learning a language. Additionally, more than a third (37%) of respondents said they had personally experienced social and/or gender “missteps” due to the language barrier.

From difficult social times to more serious issues where women and their allies must stand up for themselves, Memrise hopes users will find these new courses beneficial to their learning experience.

Fanny Stassar, Senior French Content Producer at Memrise adds, “These additional phrases will help people around the world regain confidence in their workplace and travel when dealing with microaggressions, such as mansplaining, and hopefully open up conversations for language learners of all levels.”

Kesi Irvingtravel blogger at Kesi there and backattests “As a female traveler, it is important to know specific words to gain confidence and keep me safe on the road. I love that Memrise has actionable steps to support female travelers, especially during the month of the women’s history.”

About Memrise

Memrise is the language learning platform that teaches you the real-world language that locals actually use.

We use audio and video clips of real locals speaking in different situations, along with proven memory techniques, to give people the language skills they need to survive – and thrive – in the real world. This immersive form of language learning helps you develop real language skills – and is fun, fast and addictive.

Founded in 2010 by Ed Cooke and Ben Whately, Memrise won the Google I/O 2017 ‘Best App Award’. Today, there are just under 60 million Memrise users in 189 countries learning languages ​​on iOS, Android, and Web:

About Research

In February 2022Memrise surveyed 919 of its users to understand their perceptions and preferences regarding social and gender differences when learning a language.


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