Ministry of Finance Stops RTE Rights for 50,000 Private Schools in Rajasthan | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: The Ministry of Finance suspended rights to the right to education (RTE) for 50,000 public private schools, citing that schools were closed due to the pandemic and that bills could not be paid without checking whether Regular online courses were provided.
The state government has to pay over Rs 300 crore to private schools under RTE. According to sources within the department, the proposal to release the amount was approved by the finance department earlier and funds for some schools were also released, however, the department decided to take back the released amount.
As schools remained closed during the 2020-21 semester, students were forced to study online. The Ministry of Finance has asked the government to draw up a comprehensive plan and verify the quality of education on the basis of which the funds will be released and the mode of payment will be decided.
Meanwhile, Jaipur District Education Officer Jagdish Meena said they cleared the file and sent it to higher authorities and the bills would soon be cleared.
The government of Rajasthan has said it will do a physical check of at least 25% of schools to see if online classes are taking place while freeing up the budget.
Schools were asked to fill out forms. However, most schools gave false information about the students, Bikaner management officials said, adding that it proved that online classes had not been organized.
The government later decided to declare under oath that online courses were offered by private schools and decided to release the budget for all. This decision was questioned by the finance department.
Shiksha Pariwar School President Anil Sharma said: “We have asked for the budget to be released to help schools. RTE’s money has been blocked for a long time. years should be released. ”

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