Of course, Gina Raimondo was the designated survivor last night


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One year ago, Gina Raimondo resigned as Governor of Rhode Island once she was confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Commerce. Last night, she was the designated survivor.

The Biden administration on Tuesday asked Raimondo not to attend the president’s State of the Union address, part of a decades-old tradition of removing at least one cabinet member to lead the country. in the event of a catastrophic event.

As Commerce Secretary, Raimondo is 10th in line for the presidency. She became the fourth Commerce Secretary to be the designated survivor in major presidential speeches since 1985 (Donald Evans was selected twice under President George W. Bush), according to the U.S. Presidency Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Only the Secretary of Agriculture (six times) has been chosen as the designated survivor more often than the Secretary of Commerce since Ronald Reagan was president.

So what did Raimondo do last night while the rest of his colleagues were in the Chamber room?

Tweeted, of course.

She touted the strength of the US economy, noting that unemployment has fallen 70% since Biden took office. She promoted the need to manufacture semiconductors domestically. And she pushed for universal pre-kindergarten programming and a reduction in the cost of child care.

As for Biden’s actual speech, my colleagues jess bidgood and James Pindel have a great recap and point analysis, respectively.

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