Resolute Capital Partners Announces $ 20 Million Investment Commitment in Finance Technology Leverage LLC


SAN FRANCISCO, June 25, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Resolute Capital Partners, today announced that the company is committed to $ 20 million investing in Finance Technology Leverage LLC, a global private equity firm, to fund technological innovations in energy, life sciences, industrial technology and aerospace that strives to redefine the ‘to come up.

“A business is rarely created with the vision to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges,” said Thomas powell, Senior Managing Partner and Founder of Resolute Capital Partners. “Finance Technology Leverage believes that no challenge is too great, and they have assembled a team of world-class scientists and engineers who turn dreams into reality. Our investment in FTL demonstrates our unwavering commitment to their revolutionary capabilities and global humanitarian mission. “

Finance Technology Leverage uses its subsidiary, Breakwater Insurance, to finance large, complex and high-risk projects through the creation of specialized financial structures that help mitigate risks for its investors. FTL’s unique approach enables the company to attract funding for new innovations and enables ambitious projects, such as the Rotary Rocket Company, a pioneer of the private launch revolution in the 1990s, to become a reality. .

“At Finance Technology Leverage, we believe that investing moves society and we work hard to harness innovation that will advance humanity,” said Frédéric Giarrisso, CEO and Founder of Finance Technology Leverage. “Twenty years ago, it was space technology; today, in addition to aerospace, we are invested in future projects in the fields of energy and biotechnology.

As private equity investors, Resolute’s senior executives seek to identify start-ups in finance, healthcare and regulatory technology that present strong investment opportunities and advance emerging technologies. They focus on proven or high potential companies and work closely with them to facilitate growth and maximize market share.

About Resolute Capital Partners

Resolute Capital Partners is a private equity firm with offices in San Francisco, Dallas, and Minneapolis. It employs a seasoned management team that has placed more than $ 3 billion in investments in institutional and private quality securities throughout their careers. Resolute brings professional expertise and multi-level support to businesses to help them realize their visions through proven structured transaction management techniques with the potential to create flexibility and opportunity. Since its founding in 2010, Resolute Capital Partners has raised more than $ 230 million in its various energy, technological and real estate funds. By partnering with issuers beyond Wall Street, Resolute is bringing capital to worthy projects.

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About the leverage of FinTech

Finance Technology Leverage is a global private equity firm, which finances technological innovations that can redefine the future. The company focuses on energy, life sciences, industrial technology and aerospace. Finance Technology Leverage finances large, complex and high-risk projects, by creating specialized financial structures that are extremely attractive to investors. Finance Technology Leverage’s unique approach draws on the company’s extensive experience in financing market-leading innovations. Finance Technology Leverage is the team that has successfully completed such ambitious projects as the Rotary Rocket Company, which started the private launch revolution. Together, we leverage innovation to advance the dreams of humanity.

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SOURCE Resolute Capital Partners

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