Securities Finance Technology News | Bequant expands its prime service offering


Prime digital asset broker Bequant has upgraded its core services to include a new suite of options available to institutional clients.

The new launch comes after the launch of Beaker PROa premier brokerage platform, in May this year.

As part of the enhanced services, Bequant has partnered with exchanges such as Deribit, Binance and Huobi to offer traders a variety of options for trading derivative contracts, offered through its main brokerage service.

Additionally, it has expanded its OTC order book allowing institutions to execute large trades with post-trade settlement.

Another new resource includes the introduction of separately managed accounts, allowing portfolio managers to manage assets for sophisticated investors in custom compartments separate from larger funds or strategies.

Bequant CEO George Zarya commented, “This expanded product offering is the natural evolution of our industry and positions Bequant as the number one organization competing in the highly competitive institutional asset management market. .

Alex Mascioli, Head of Institutional Services at Bequant, adds: “Separately managed accounts have long been a feature of traditional asset management firms. Adding this option to our industry-leading prime brokerage offering is driven by client demand and is a key part of our business as we approach the year ahead.


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