Securities Finance Technology News | Hazeltree and HedgeServ Partner for Treasury Solution


Hazeltree, a provider of buy-side treasury management solutions, and HedgeServ, a global fund administrator, have joined forces to provide middle-office treasury services to alternative investment managers.

Hazeltree will enhance HedgeServ’s cash management and collateral management services, while HedgeServ will host Hazeltree’s technology.

According to Hazeltree, its cash management solution consolidates custodian, over-the-counter (OTC), money market and prime broker balances into one set of dashboards, giving HedgeServ clients a streamlined process to optimize their cash balances.

“Clients can automate the collapse of debit and credit spreads, sweep excess cash into investment accounts, and manage foreign currency exposure with a fully integrated wire transfer processing engine that integrates workflow between HedgeServ and its clients,” Hazeltree explained in a statement about the partnership.

HedgeServ clients can track their OTC collateral among their counterparties to better understand if they are over- or under-collateralized.

“Our customers are asking for a robust cash management solution. We believe Hazeltree offers an industry-leading suite of cash management solutions. said HedgeServ Chairman Jim Kelly.

“We are already receiving positive feedback from our customers on the value of our combined service offering. We are delighted to work with the Hazeltree team.


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