Securities Finance Technology News | IHS Markit launches securities lending compliance tool


IHS Markit Securities Finance has launched a compliance monitoring tool allowing asset owners to carry out independent monitoring of their lending activity.

This allows asset owners to verify that lending activity on their loan portfolios is within lending parameters.

This tool analyzes trade data to identify transactions that do not meet lending criteria across a wide range of trade considerations, including asset class, counterparty, spreads/fees, transaction type/collateral, limits on lending and use, duration and levels of liquidity relative to the market. Dated.

Beneficial owners can use a number of channels to access their exception reports, including the IHS Market Securities Finance web portal, API or via a daily data feed.

Exceptions are reported at trade level, instrument level or by counterparty, with the user having the option to customize their choice of alerts.

Kabin George, Executive Director and Head of Securities Finance Product Management at IHS Markit, said: “We are delighted to introduce a revolutionary enhancement to our securities finance solution following the best execution functionality we have published at the end of 2020. »

IHS Market Securities Finance says it currently tracks more than $33 trillion in global securities from more than 20,000 institutional funds. Its securities financing platform hosts over 15 years of historical data relating to more than 3 million daily transactions.


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