Securities Finance Technology News | Murex revises MX.3 for collateral management


Murex has released a completely revised version of MX.3 for collateral management, designed to better assist sell-side and buy-side financial institutions in optimizing pre- and post-trade collateral.

Available as a standalone enterprise solution or integrated with MX.3 trading, risk and back-office solutions, MX.3 for Collateral Management provides a single framework for supporting listed processes and collateral , over-the-counter, cleared and securities margin financing. optimization. 15 banks are currently deploying the solution worldwide.

Etienne Ravex, Collateral Product Manager at Murex, commented: “Legacy systems cannot adapt quickly enough to challenges such as real-time calculation of initial margin or adjustment of funding valuation for takeover. pre-trade decision, the optimization of collateral stocks or the explosion of call volumes to be processed. Practitioners need real-time, adaptable solutions across the value chain.”

Regulatory developments such as Basel III have strengthened collateral management as a central function of the capital markets value chain, requiring a centralized and unified infrastructure to overcome internal and external inefficiencies.

The new solution introduces a flexible margin engine supporting pre-trade initial margin, real-time and settlement-aware collateral inventory, an optimization engine for determining cheapest to deliver and rebalancing collateral assets, automated portfolio reconciliation, and native connectivity. with recognized services such as AcadiaSoft, Swift for the collateral messaging suite and TriOptima.

“The main objective of our innovation strategy is to derive the intricacies of technological evolution so that our customers can focus on reshaping their business strategies,” said Maroun Eddé, CEO of Murex Group.

“Our warranty management solution is designed as a transformational trigger to convert costs and stresses into value creation while ensuring compliance as the norm.”


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