Securities Finance Technology News | Pirum develops CollateralConnect


Pirum Systems has expanded its CollateralConnect platform with enhanced risk management capabilities.

The new module – Exposure Analytics – improves visibility, workflow and controls to help companies better monitor risks across their bilateral, tri-party and collateral management programs.

The new collateral management service module enables real-time monitoring, which helps companies comply with regulatory requirements, such as the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and Basel .

Exposure Analytics also has built-in compliance checks, through independent compliance checks mandated by regulators, says Pirum.

Todd Crowther, Chief Innovation Officer at Pirum, says: “Clients have asked us for an independent overview of their exposure risk as well as analytics to understand, validate and manage their guaranteed exposures with their peers.

“Our new tool combines the benefits of our real-time collateral management functionality with our advanced analytical tools, helping companies monitor and control both their day-to-day exposure risks and compliance obligations.”

Last month, Pirum developed the CollateralConnect service to give customers the ability to manage all their secured bilateral funding activities, in addition to their tri-party transactions on a single platform.

the bilateral trade functionality enables clients to manage securities lending, repurchase and derivatives margin relationships across multiple collateral venues globally.


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