Securities Finance Technology News | TASE partner Blockchain Technology Partners secures £2m funding


The enterprise blockchain company behind the central Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) blockchain securities lending platform has secured £2 million in funding.

Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) announced yesterday that the seed round was led by Force Over Mass, a London-based venture capital firm, and Signature Ventures, a Munich and Berlin-based seed venture capital fund.

At the beginning of last year, TASE has partnered with Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) to finalize its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) securities lending project ahead of the launch of the platform in November 2020.

BTP was introduced to TASE by Intel and offered access to its management platform, Sextant, and to provide ongoing post-launch support. TASE provides a distributed service accessible to all players in the Israeli market, designed to increase market volumes and make securities lending available to more players.

Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) was founded in 2018 with a mission to bring the benefits of distributed ledger technology to enterprises. BTP enables organizations to build multi-party applications by taking care of the underlying technology infrastructure.

BTP CEO and Co-Founder Duncan Johnston-Watt said, “We are delighted to welcome Force Over Mass and Signature Ventures as investors. Force Over Mass’ focus on B2B software and Signature Ventures’ vision of a decentralized future are complementary and dovetail perfectly with our own mission to accelerate enterprise adoption of blockchain technology across the board. levels.


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