Securities Financing Technology News | BlackRock Partners With Cassini To Improve Margin Analysis On Aladdin


BlackRock will strengthen its derivatives capacity on its Aladdin platform through a partnership with Cassini Systems.

This will make Cassini’s margin analysis tools available on BlackRock’s investment and trade management platform, allowing traders, portfolio managers and operations specialists to assess and monitor margin requirements. at all stages of the transaction lifecycle, according to service partners.

This release, which will be available to Aladdin users from September, is the latest step in BlackRock’s continued investment in its derivatives processing and analysis tools on the Aladdin platform.

For Aladdin clients, this will strengthen their ability to analyze margin exposure and optimize the allocation of collateral and margins in their trading portfolio, while also facilitating compliance with unmatched margin rules and other financial regulations after 2008.

According to Sudhir Nair, head of BlackRock’s Aladdin business, the partnership “will help customers manage their margins more efficiently by leveraging analytics at multiple points in the derivatives lifecycle.”

Liam Huxley, Managing Director of Cassini Systems, said: “The ability to optimize and manage margin thresholds, as well as carry costs, at the time of pre-trade and execute margin optimization and post-trade guarantees natively on the same platform, represents a further step forward for the industry.


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