Securities Financing Technology News | Capco and AccessFintech Partner for Data Workflow Solution


Capco has partnered with AccessFintech to improve the engineering and delivery of the latter’s data management and workflow solution.

The two fintech companies underscored the importance for banks, brokers, custodians and buying firms to ensure they provide efficient technology platforms in today’s competitive regulatory environment.

This can be difficult for some as legacy systems contain fragmented data and tedious manual processes, leading to increased costs and liquidity risk. Therefore, it is also important for companies to modernize their internal systems and processes.

The partnership of Capco and AccessFintech aims to solve this problem through joint engineering solutions to encourage faster adoption of workflows and change management.

It will also help businesses overcome operational and regulatory compliance challenges, especially the impending Central Securities Depository (CSDR) regulatory regime, offered interbank rate reconciliation (IBOR), pre-match and settlements, and cash payment statements.

As part of the partnership, AccessFintech’s Synergy network has the ability to extend and enrich data, as well as synchronize workflow and enable technology-driven business transformation for lifecycle management. life of transactions.

Capco’s experience in transformation projects will streamline the integration of customer operations with the Synergy network.

Owen Jelf, Partner and Global Head of Capital Markets at Capco, says: “By bridging the gap between legacy and modern systems, innovative solutions such as Synergy Network accelerate these journeys and deliver rule-based process environments that are cost-effective and efficient. highly controlled.

Boaz Zilberman, Executive Vice President of Business Development at AccessFintech, adds, “We already successfully process over a billion transactions per month. Combining Capco’s industry-leading technology and operational change management and delivery expertise with our network and Synergy platform is a significant accelerator of business transformation and delivery. our customers’ technology.


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