Securities Financing Technology News | EQIBank digital bank launches DeFi platform for crypto lending


EQIBank launched EQIFI, a unified platform for DeFi products, designed to overcome traditional banking problems and make lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies and certain fiat currencies more accessible.

EQIFI is a decentralized protocol for the lending, borrowing, and joint investment of Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and certain fiat currencies. Its new DeFi platform includes new fixed and variable rate lending products, as well as an advanced yield aggregator and interest rate swaps.

These new products simplify DeFi, explains EQIBank, by consolidating a range of services into a single user-friendly platform, and are designed to address the shortcomings of traditional banking services, such as high fees, outdated technology, outdated pricing models. and expensive cash handling.

Managed by the holders of the platform’s native EQX token, EQIFI operates under a decentralized philosophy, giving community members the power to make important decisions regarding the future of the project, such as listing and delisting. assets and tokens, adjusting interest rates, changing collateral limits and suspending loans or deposits.

EQIFI CEO Brad Yasar said, “Using blockchain technology, EQIFI is democratizing financial products that were previously only available to a select few, and we are confident that EQIFI is best positioned to deliver these products to customers who wish to embrace the evolution of digital banking, in an accessible and regulated manner.


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