Securities Financing Technology News | German KfW partners with FIS to transform risk management operations


KfW, one of Germany’s largest banks, has completed a multi-year project to transform its risk management operations using cutting-edge FIS technology.

The state-owned bank, which claims more than € 508 billion in assets, used different systems to report and manage market and liquidity risks.

With the aim of improving risk control processes throughout the company, on the basis of a system with an integrated IT architecture, the bank has chosen the asset and liability management platform FIS Ambit Focus for its control of market and liquidity risks.

The new FIS solution aims to provide the development bank with a central data source to measure, monitor and report on market and liquidity risks.

According to KfW, the new platform also provides it with “advanced tools” to assess the market risk of its financial instruments and improve stress testing capabilities, as well as enable it to comply with regulatory requirements, including risk. interest rates in the banking book and assets. Responsibility management.

“With its advanced functionality, our new centralized risk management platform dramatically improves our ability to manage risk and deliver consistent and timely reporting to management and key decision makers,” says Michael Schulze of KfW, Senior vice-president and responsible for controlling risks linked to market prices and operational risk. “Equally important, the new platform makes it easier to implement evolving regulatory requirements. “

Martin Boyd, President of Capital Markets Solutions at FIS, adds: “KfW has taken a bold step to transform and standardize its enterprise-wide risk management function using cutting-edge technology.

“We are confident that this new platform will provide the bank with the functionality, flexibility and visibility necessary to support its activities in the future. “


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