‘Stop the Steal’ organizer agrees to cooperate with Justice Department’s Capitol riot investigation


Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander returns to the deposition meeting on Capitol Hill with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on December 09, 2021.Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

  • A “Stop the Steal” organizer will cooperate with the Justice Department’s Jan. 6 investigation.

  • Ali Alexander said The New York Times he recently received a subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury.

  • Last month, the DOJ expanded its investigation to include the rally that preceded the riot.

One of the main organizers of the “Stop the Steal” movement has agreed to cooperate with the Department of Justice expanded investigation into Jan. 6 Capitol riot and rallyaccording to The New York Times.

Ali Alexander told the outlet via his attorney that he recently received a subpoena from a federal grand jury requesting information about pro-Trump rallies following the 2020 election.

While several rioters have entered into cooperation agreements with the government, Alexander, who planned several pro-Trump post-election events, is the first notable political figure to publicly acknowledge his cooperation with the Justice Department’s criminal investigation. In a statement provided to The Times by his attorney, Alexander said he was taking a “cooperative attitude” with the federal government’s investigation, but was unsure what help he could offer.

The Justice Department’s Jan. 6 investigation previously focused primarily on rioters who stormed the Capitol in an effort to block Congressional certification of President Joe Biden’s victory. But last month, the department widened the probe to include planning for former President Donald Trump’s rally before the riot.

A federal grand jury is now seeking information from several people related to the rallies and Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results.

At the “Stop the Steal” event, held a few blocks from the US Capitol, Trump urged his supporters to “fight like hell” and march on the Capitol. Hundreds of protesters then besieged the Capitol in an attack that ultimately left five people dead.

The Justice Department investigation is taking place concurrently with a congressional inquiry into the attack, in which lawmakers have issued dozens of assignments seeking to link members of Trump’s inner circle to the rioters. Alexander voluntarily sat down for an interview with the panel in late December and postponed his communications with Republican lawmakers before the riot.

Alexander previously said Republican Representatives Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar helped him plan the rally on January 6.

“The four of us conspired to exert maximum pressure on Congress as they voted,” Alexander said in a Video periscope following the attack which has since been suppressed.

Alexander denied any involvement in the attempted insurrection and, via his attorney on Friday, told the Times that he disavowed anyone who participated in or planned violence on Jan. 6.

The grand jury subpoena that Alexander received, according to the Times, also seeks information on executive and legislative lawmakers who played a role in the events of Jan. 6 or who may have tried to obstruct the certification of the 2020 election – a sign that the government’s investigation could reach the Trump administration and its congressional allies, the outlet noted.

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