Tekedia Introduces New Course: Decentralized Finance and NFT Marketplace


Tekedia Mini-MBA had added a new course – Decentralized Finance and NFT Marketplace – in partnership with Dubai-based BoundlessPay, led by Franklin Peters Odoemenan. We’re also adding new courses on Web 3.0, Metaverse, and more. focused exclusively on the business components (not the technical stacks) of these emerging areas. In other words, we help learners understand and provide pathways for evolving opportunities.

At Tekedia Institute, we have three themes: Innovation, Growth and Digital Execution. This digital execution is redesigned and transformed by new technologies. We work hard to ensure that our courses are constantly updated to capture emerging trends in this space.

I invite you to enroll in the Tekedia Mini-MBA and experience world-class business education at the best cost-optimized model. Yes, for N60,000 or $140 you will participate in a program for 12 weeks. We have here professionals from 41 countries. register today https://school.tekedia.com/course/mmba8/ and begin your professional ascent.

Pay N60,000 ($140) before the pre-registration deadline of April 29; otherwise, N70,000 ($150): register here.

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