U.S. Department of Commerce Appoints Markle Foundation CEO and Chair Zoë Baird to National AI Advisory Board


NEW YORK, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the appointment of CEO and Chair of the Markle Foundation, Zoë Baird, to the National Advisory Committee on Artificial Intelligence (NAIAC), which will advise the President and the National AI Initiative Office on a range of issues related to artificial intelligence (AI). Baird is one of 27 members who will serve on the committee.

Effective AI policy can enable America to lead the world in economic growth that equitably rebuilds the middle class.

As CEO and Chairman of the Markle Foundation, Baird works with partners across many sectors and a wide range of federal agencies to provide early identification of the potential and impact of technology development and the building of a critical technology policy.. Markle’s work includes harnessing technology to create more good jobs and prepare people for them, including jobs in emerging technologies such as AI. markle’s Rework Alliance Americaa partnership of civil rights organizations, nonprofits, private sector employers, unions, educators and others, helps millions of unemployed people in low-wage jobs to access to better jobs.

“AI presents far-reaching opportunities to increase our competitiveness as a nation while tackling some of our most difficult and intractable societal problems,” Baird said. “Effective AI policy can enable America to lead the world in economic growth that equitably rebuilds the middle class and promotes thriving communities. I am honored to serve on this committee and play a role in providing recommendations on topics such as global collaboration and AI workforce issues.”

This three-year appointment begins immediately and ends on April 15, 2025. The committee will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, May 4, 2022. The meeting will be open to the public via webcast.

For more information on this announcement, see the Press release issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and for more information on the NAICA, please visit https://www.ai.gov/naiac/.

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The Markle Foundation challenges itself and various partners to deploy their varied expertise to identify solutions to critical public issues and achieve systemic change. As advanced technology and automation change the very nature of work, Markle’s priority is to advance labor market solutions that will allow American workers to access good jobs in the digital economy. markle’s Rework Alliance America follows Markle’s success in creating the political and technological architecture that enabled improvements in healthcare, national security, and internet access.

For more information, visit markle.orgto follow @MarkleFdn and @ReworkAmerica on Twitter, and read our book, America’s moment.


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