Wildcat friends forge a new path


Friends of Feral Cheshire Cats owners and founders, Lori Ratchelous and Kerry Bartoletti, have operated the trap-neuter-return program for nearly two decades. During this time, they rescued, cared for and released thousands of feral cats. They also helped place cats that could be socialized.

Now the organization is taking a new direction.

The new business model will no longer see both owners directly involved in trapping, rescuing or placing cats. The FFCC will instead offer financial support for trap release services, as well as vaccination support, to those who work with feral cat rescue and animal control officers. Financial support may also be granted for emergency medical treatment. Payments will only be made to veterinary providers.

When Ratchelous and Bartoletti started their nonprofit, there were cats all over town, with populations found at farms, industrial parks, the city dump, and the post office. “Kitty City” was a huge cat complex behind a small shopping center on South Main Street and was home to over 60 cats.

“It was born out of a desire to humanely stop the overpopulation of feral and stray cats and provide a better existence for these cats,” Ratchelous and Bartoletti said of the organization’s origins. “We have seen the reduction in feral cat numbers in which the humane trap-neuter-return practice of thousands of cats we have helped in Cheshire and surrounding towns neutering/neutering is the answer to overcrowding, lack of -shelter and to the suffering of cats”, they said. “We are going in a new direction to continue financially assisting others with sterilization/sterilization to continue with the solution that we know works, which is sterilization/sterilization. By helping financially, we will be able to extend our reach to those who are committed to helping the cats in our community, whether it’s someone who finds a stray cat or feeds a feral cat, or the trappers who do so on a larger scale. , but do not have the financial resources to have the cats repaired.

These changes will allow the FFCC to maintain itself and develop, according to the founders.

Donations can be made to Friends of Feral Cheshire Cats, which remains a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by private donations. To request assistance, call (844) 337-2528 or email info@feralct.org. For more information on discounted programs, go to https://feralct.org/.


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